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Background and Experience in Social Media

My beginnings in social media in Germany coincided with the early days of the medium itself. In 2006, after finishing my studies, I started working at a Web 2.0 agency and quickly recognized the immense potential in marketing. Soon, "Web 2.0" became known as "Social Media," and many companies realized that the landscape of communication was changing forever. In 2008, I was a founding member of the first Social Media Club in Germany. Over the next 15 years, I had the privilege of strategically and operationally assisting numerous companies (including arte) in integrating social media into their communication mix.


The dynamic nature of social media has profoundly changed how companies interact with their customers. Trends like personalized content, influencer marketing, social commerce, and the increased use of video content are shaping the current social media landscape. Furthermore, utilizing data analytics and AI in content creation offers enormous potential.

My Services

Thanks to years of experience and comprehensive expertise in social media marketing, I can help you optimally use social media for your business goals. Here are some of the services I can provide:

Social Media Strategy and Conceptualization

Designing a targeted social media strategy and developing individual campaign and channel concepts are essential for success on social media. By defining clear objectives and understanding content needs, it ensures that social media activities are successful.

Editorial Planning and Content Creation

High-quality, targeted content is the core of social media activities. Structured editorial planning and the creation of high-quality content are crucial for optimally addressing and engaging the target audience.

Community Management

Building and maintaining an active community are fundamental components of successful social media marketing. Through targeted community management, dialogue with the target audience is made possible, serving as a basis for building attention and trust.

Analysis and Optimization

In social media marketing, as in online marketing, the ongoing evaluation of data and optimization of measures play a decisive role. Regularly reviewing results and implementing insights ensures that activities are successful.


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