Campaign Management

Planning, implementation, and analysis of marketing campaigns.


Trends in the Campaign World

Digitalization has caused a disruptive change in marketing, and this change is continuously progressing. Extensive and detailed data enable more precise targeting and the automated optimization of marketing measures. The integration and merging of marketing channels within a campaign create a seamless customer experience. Furthermore, the widespread availability of ChatGPT since the beginning of 2023 has revolutionized the creation of marketing content with the help of artificial intelligence.

My Services

With my comprehensive and long-standing expertise in campaign management, I can help you effectively leverage the above trends and achieve your specific goals. Here are some ways I can support you:

Campaign Strategy and Conceptualization

This is about the fundamental framework of every successful campaign. Developing a customized, targeted strategy for multichannel campaigns represents a significant service area. Defining clear business objectives and a deep understanding of the target audiences play a key role. The conception of campaigns always considers these factors to ensure that every multichannel campaign is maximally successful.

Coordination of Multichannel Campaigns

This service includes the active supervision of ongoing campaigns and the coordination of all channel activities. It ensures that all actions are effectively aligned. Additionally, this service involves communicating the results to all relevant stakeholders from product owners and team members to stakeholders, ensuring everyone is informed about the progress and outcomes of the campaigns and can make necessary decisions in a timely manner.

Channel Management

For specific channels such as website relaunches, social media, and SEO, I bring extensive expertise for direct support. For other channels, I work closely with the client's channel owners or agencies, or I bring in experts from my network to ensure the campaign performs optimally in every channel.

Web Analytics and Conversion Rate Optimization

This service includes ongoing support that encompasses both the analysis of campaign data and the continuous optimization of the campaigns. By regularly reviewing the data and applying the insights gained to the campaigns, the campaigns stay on track. This way, the set goals are achieved, and the maximum ROI is obtained.

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