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Efficient Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Expert Training.


Disruptive Change in Marketing Through Artificial Intelligence

Digitalization has brought about a disruptive change in marketing, and this change is continuously progressing. Extensive and detailed data enable more precise targeting and the automated optimization of marketing actions. The integration and merging of marketing channels within a campaign create a seamless customer experience. Furthermore, the widespread availability of ChatGPT since the beginning of 2023 has revolutionized the creation of marketing content with the help of artificial intelligence.

My Services

With my daily work using AI tools, I bring in-depth experience that can support your company on the path to effective integration and use of AI in marketing:

Use of AI Tools in Projects

By using AI tools in my projects, I can accelerate work processes and significantly increase efficiency. From the customer's perspective, this translates into faster attainable results, more precise targeting, and ultimately, cost savings.

Consultation, Selection, and Training of AI Tools

I offer comprehensive consulting and training for marketing teams to promote the effective use of AI tools. A key component of my consultancy is assisting in the selection of the right AI tools. Given the flood of available tools on the market, which numbers in the hundreds, it is crucial to identify those that best fit the specific requirements and goals of your company. Through tailored training, teams can learn how to use the selected AI tools for optimized marketing strategies.

Workshop "Using AI in Marketing"

In this workshop, which I developed in collaboration with colleagues from the Digitalbeirat, I convey basic and advanced concepts for the use of AI in marketing. Participants learn how to select, implement, and use AI tools to achieve their marketing goals.

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