Mastering challenges

Adaptability and innovation in a changing world

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The world is changing very quickly and has become uncertain, contradictory and unpredictable in many areas of life. Political instability, climate catastrophe and a constant stream of new crises are triggering transformation processes in our private and professional lives that are difficult to keep track of and link together. VUCA becomes BANI (infographic by Stephan Grabmeier). The challenge remains. Long-term planning is no longer possible and is at odds with conventional strategy and planning processes. New strategy and planning approaches are needed.


A shortage of skilled workers, digital transformation, new organizational and project structures, remote work and the integration of a new generation are leading to a fundamental change in the world of work. Everyday working life is characterized by constant target corrections, reprioritization of projects and a constant overload for many managers and employees. New processes, methods and a new form of communication are needed.

Marketing and sales have been battling for consumers' attention for years. The number of contact points with advertising messages has exploded due to online use. Some studies estimate over 10,000 advertising messages per day. This leads to advertising blindness among consumers and 99% of advertising messages are ignored. This makes it clear how difficult it has become to get through to your target group. A clear understanding of the target groups, their needs and the right channels is required in order to successfully implement marketing measures.


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