(Last Updated On: 23. March 2019)

In the run-up to the trip, there were many conversations with friends about the comparison between Barcelona and Valencia. The comparison is difficult because Barcelona is more than twice as big. Both cities are beautiful, situated by the sea and have an infinite choice of bars, restaurants and cafés. Barcelona has more to offer culturally, but is also overcrowded with international tourists and their excesses (“tourist rip-offs”). I am a big fan of Barcelona, but Valencia has grown closer to my heart. The city is less excited and I found it easier to get in touch with locals, even if it was just for small talks or a smile.

Highlights in Valencia

  • Walk through the historic city centre
  • Going out in Russafa, the trendy district with many cafés and bars
  • Relaxing or jogging in the Jardí del Túriam (city park)
  • Trip to the opera at the southern end of Jardí del Túria
  • Snacks in the large market halls Mercat Central or Mercat de Russafa
  • Agua de Valencia, a refreshing cocktail with freshly squeezed orange juice, cava, gin and vodka, drink
  • Trip to the harbour district (Poblados Marítimos) and the endless city beaches

Perfect starting points for sightseeing and going out are the old town (Ciutat Vella) or Eixample/Russafa. I was at the recently opened Hotel Marqués House (booking.com link). The rooms are top equipped, huge showers, everything clean and a very friendly, helpful service. Right next to the hotel is Café Madrid with delicious food and cocktails.

Friends and acquaintances have sent me numerous tips for restaurants, cafés and bars that I would like to share.

The following link will give you a Google Map with all the tips: Valencia Google Maps. If you click on the link on your mobile, the Google Maps app will open if you have it on your mobile.

Travel-Map Valencia

Impressions of Valencia