This is who I am and where I come from...

Since I was a teenager, economics and business administration have been of great interest. Business administration has taught me how companies work and what they require to operate successfully in the marketplace. Economics has shown me how countries and companies are interlinked and interdependent at a global level. That gave me a view of the big picture. This view of the whole, paired with many years of marketing expertise, project variety and numerous stays abroad, I let flow into my daily work.

After studying business administration in London and Hamburg, I started working in Hamburg for an online marketing agency (ethority) focusing on Web 2.0. Very quickly it became clear that Web 2.0 and soon Social Media will lead to a disruptive change in communication in the private and business environment and therefore also in marketing. It was an exciting time for me, as I was directly involved in all areas of the customer life cycle after my studies: Customer acquisition, strategy and action concepts, project management, marketing analytics and analysis.

After three exciting years, I moved to Freiburg to work as a consultant for online communication for another agency (Virtual Identity). My central task was to pave the way for an open communication culture together with multinational companies. The Social Media have led to companies no longer having exclusive communication sovereignty and the need to consider how they can shape communication with their interest groups.

After six years of agency time and countless projects, it was time to change on the company side in order to be able to develop topics and projects more sustainably and continuously. My first company job was in the media environment at a television station (arte) in Strasbourg. In the beginning I was in charge for the development and rollout of a bilingual Social Media strategy. Then I became product manager for the ARTE apps (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows 7, Windows Phone, Xbox, HbbTV, etc.).

Three years later I focused on conversion optimization of an online shop in the telecommunications industry (1and1). During this time I became aware of the sales power of marketing analytics combined with A/B testing. It is amazing how reliable figures and targeted, number-driven website optimizations can increase sales.

2016-2021, I have dedicated myself to international B2B marketing in the industrial environment (SICK) as a Manager for Marketing Communication. Together with my team we focused on B2B marketing campaigns and content excellence.

Since 2019 I am free-lancing consulting jobs besides my full-time job as a manager, e.g. supporting a start-up in the orientation and planning phase. I am also available for other consulting projects. Take a look the portfolio I am offering or contact me if you are interested in working with me.

In 2022 I will start free-lancing full-time. So, I am looking forward hearing from you.

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