Blog post about free social media tools

Last week I published an article in our company’s blog about a selection of “free social media tools” for managing and handling the daily social media activitites.
The article is in German but most links lead to an English website. If you are interested, go and check it out

New stuff from Danny MacAskill

From my dear colleague “arconom” I just got the new Video from Danny MacAskill: Industrial Revolution

I am a big fan of this mate since the European Outdoor Film Festival 2009 with the Video in and around Edinburgh by Dave SowerbInspired Bicycles: Danny MacAskill April 2009.

More information:
@Danny’s website
@Inspired Bicycles

Rosskopflauf – my first real run

My muscles are soar and my joints hurt. Those are one of the results of my first real run. On Sunday I participated in the Rosskopflauf in Heuweiler, Black Forrest. The trail was 18,4 km long with a total height of 520 meters.

Source: &

Besides the pain I am really happy that I made and…I basically reach all of my goals. The 1:47,9 minutes I was just under 2 hours. I wasn’t last (117th out of 190 participants), not even in my age range (8th out of 11). Here are some impressions of the Swedish-German-Running-Team:

#movieIlike – The Accidental Sea by Ransom Riggs

Somehow by a YouTube browsing accident I found this video and I am really enthusiastic about it. It’s about the accidental Salton Sea in the Californian dessert.

Check it out:

Ransom Riggs is also an author and his book is available on Amazon:

Find out more about Ransom Riggs:

Find out more about the Salton Sea:

#musicIlike – Bobby Brazil – Gool!

I have just been listening to Bobby Brazil and thought how nice it would be to sit in a beach club, listening to music, having a cocktail and sun bathing

Bobby Brazil:

#musicIlike – Trentemøller – Miss You

More Trentemøller:

Next11 videos from the conference

This year I was at the Next11 conference in Berlin again. Unfortunately, I missed the last one and therefore I was really excited to go this year. First, I was really disappointed that the usual crowd and “social media conference guys” such as Brian Solis and Jeff Jarvis weren’t there but in the end it was ok.

The topic was “data love”. Indeed a lot of the presentations were about the importance of the data but not what is actually already been doing with the data. I think it was 1 or 2 years too early for the “data love” since most online managers still don’t give a crap about their online tracking nor change communication activities based on data. Anyways, what I really enjoyed was the company presentations about how they use Social Media in den daily business. My favorites were Deutsche Bank and Vodafone. Great job! The ADC best-practices were really inspiring and entertaining. Thanks to the ACD for sending me the material!

The reason why I post an article two weeks after the conference is that the videos about the conference are available now.

Here is the Next11 Channel:

For those of you who might be bored watching the channel can check out the site

Here are some links you might enjoy: Jeremy Tai Abbett (Widgetlabs), Rex Sorgatz (Kinda Sorta Media)Andrew Zolty (Breakfast NY)the cool dudes togetherJan “funny guy” Lehnardt (Couchbase)Matt Stinchcomb (Etsy), Must watch!!!: Peter Vesterbacka (Rovio) and Jochen Adler (Deutsche Bank AG).

Two other articles (in German though) from colleagues you can find below:
Smeidu – A Social Network for the Welthungerhilfe

This is one of my favorite projects in quiet a long time. The Welthungerhilfe hired us to create a new social network which connects digitally the world wide projects with its stakeholder. Supporter groups also find a place to plan fundraising activities and connect with each other. This is a new approch to transparency in fundraising.

Take a look at a sneak preview or the community


Here are there Social Media profile

Google celebrates Charlie Chaplin’s birthday

Today is charlie Chaplin’s 122. birthday and Google clebrated it with a nice animated Google Doogle by the Google Doogle team (Kris Hom, Ryan Germick, Mike Dutton, Jennifer Hom and Sophia Foster-Domino)

Here is the Google Silent film homage:

Brian’s second Twitterverse

It’s not new but since I posted the first twitterverse by Brian Solis and Jess3…

Find more information in Brian’s blog.

Also big thanks to Simon from Bloggasm for the heads up!