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Night Browse II

I just found this on Digg:


Big Mistake:



Sex Scandal Cheat Sheet:

Sex Scandal Cheat Sheet

Top 10 List to watch Battle Star Galactica on David Letterman


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Night Browse I

I decided to creat a new category – Night Browse. Night Browse is a new term created by me and describes a the process af browsing the web at night due to total boredom. All the nice, funny or what ever links will be published to share it with other people. Unfortuntely, Google has appoximately 2,000 results for “Night browse” but I still claim the copyright for Night Browse in this context!

To get started:

30m island with a street and a car (
What’s the difference between Porn and Prostitution? Interesting question! (
Funny banned Wendy commercial (
Anonymous agains Scientology (MyFox)
Message to Scientology by Anonymous (
Second message to Scientology by Anonymous (
Haha, Fox is great!
Anonymous on FOX11 (
Exposing Scientology through video stream (
Northern Lights by
Sigurdur H Stefnisson (
10 Killer Firefox Extentions that you problably don’t know (

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